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Online Ordering Apps for Restaurants
& Takeaways

No Commission, Zero Cost, No Catch

Keep What You Earn!

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Takeaways Ordering Apps
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Start receiving orders at no charge to you

You might ask HOW?

We charge a nominal 50p admin fee to your customer per order,
We keep 40p and you keep 10p.
It's as easy as that!

Trusted by the Best
Restaurants & Takeaways

China Blue Takeaway Zienix
Fryery Cumebrnauld Zienix
Dragon Kitchen Takeaway Zienix
Deniros Takeaway Zienix
Crown Jewels Resaurant Zieix
Ocean Sun Takeaway Zienix
Hippos-Pizza Takeaway
Zaytoon Takeaway Zienix

Time to Supercharge Your Branded
Website & App for Seamless Online Ordering!

Turn your website visitors into paying customers. We will provide you with a super Online Ordering Website and App, so you can transform your online presence and boost your Takeaway into an e-commerce sensation. The best part? Take unlimited orders without worrying about paying commission!


Take charge of your business growth and engage directly with your customers. Say farewell to those burdensome third-party fees that chip away at your earnings. Our delighted customers have experienced an astonishing double boost in online sales since opting for our service. Discover what we do!

Food On Demand Business

Zienix Online Ordering System Features

- Postcode specific delivery charges
- Time specific delivery charges
- Card and cash payments
- Android & iOS apps
- Set delivery and collection schedule
- Discount codes
- Pause online ordering when busy
- Set schedule when card only payment
- Send marketing notifications
- Day & time specific menu items
- Customer database management
- Print incoming orders automatically
- Alert sound on Receiving new order
- Print multiple copies of receipt
- Update order status

To access a complimentary demo, just simply complete our brief form. Let us work together to establish your own online ordering presence today!

Zienix System Admin Dashboard
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Zienix Online Ordering System Features

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