Can You Stick to a Vegan Diet When Visiting Fast Food Restaurants in the UK?

Have you decided to give up meats and eggs to follow a plant-based vegan diet plan? It might seem tough to stick to that dietary regimen, especially when you may decide to visit a restaurant.

Fast food restaurants in the UK prepare and serve many delicious foods that contain eggs and meat. It can be tough to resist the aroma and flavour of those cuisines when you are in a restaurant.

What if your partner orders a chicken, beef, or bacon dish? Can you find equally delicious vegan alternatives? Let’s find out!

Taste vegan sausage and steak beak at Greggs!

Renowned for serving mouth-watering steak beak, sausage roll, and other meals, Greggs is the first pick of many Brits to enjoy quality meals. Being the largest chain of bakeries, Greggs offers many unique cuisines to satisfy customers’ hunger cravings.


Since thousands of people decided to follow a vegan diet program, Greggs has decided to help them. Chefs at this restaurant chain have developed some equally delicious alternatives to regular meat cuisines.

You can order vegan sausage roll and vegan steak bake at Greggs restaurants. The vegan menu includes several other options that you must try!

McDonald’s got a whole new vegan menu!

The American fast food giant McDonald’s tries to be the frontrunner when it comes to meeting foodies' needs. Operating many franchises across the UK, McDonald’s is one of the best restaurants to enjoy vegan foods. It provides consumers with a vegan menu that contains many appetizing alternatives to meat dishes.

McPlant is the best choice for vegan diners. It is sourcing health-promoting meat alternatives from Beyond Meat to offer the same flavour. You can order vegan cheese alternatives with plant-based ingredient burgers.

There are the staple fries, the Spicy Vegie One, the Veggie Dippers, and several other items. McDonald’s is going to be your first choice if you want to try different vegan foods every day!

Aldi is providing everything you need to enjoy the vegan lifestyle

People choose Aldi to enjoy budget-friendly shopping and get all items to prepare delicious meals. This budget supermarket is consistently improving the range of vegan items. Its food section is filled with many vegan products that you can’t find easily in other stores.

You can get vegan yoghurts, power bowls, lunchtime meals, vegan burgers, and vegan pastries as well. So, visit this store if it’s located near your house!

Starbucks welcomes vegan clients

You have to leave dairy products to follow the vegan diet plan. You cannot consume any food item that contains animal products. Starbucks knows it that vegans take their diets quite seriously. Therefore, this restaurant has invented vegan alternatives for its top-selling beverages and cuisines.

Starbucks got vegan cheese, a tofu egg alternative, Beyond Meat sausage patty, and other delicious foods. Visit this fast food restaurant whenever you are looking for vegan beverages with delicious meals. It won’t disappoint you and you will get vegan meals at pretty affordable prices at Starbucks!