5 Factors Why Your Restaurant Requires A Web-Based Ordering System

Some of us recently published a post regarding how our smartphones are exchanging other products in our everyday life such as digital cameras, desktops, iPods, and so on. These are replacing the way we accomplish anything, such as the way we order meals. At a time of having the ability to text message rather than phone call, restaurants began to follow this approach of interaction with web purchasing methods.

Today, you can get your take-out or delivery service with only a few easy clicks through internet purchasing programs and apps such as GrubHub, Seamless, and more. A few larger sized businesses, such as Domino’s, have even developed their own web-based ordering software. This particular innovative way of ordering is developing quickly among young adults. Based on QSRweb, 52% of U.S. Web users would likely make use of a smartphone or tablet for ordering take-out and delivery if feasible, with 74% of millennials showing a desire for doing this. It’s pointless to say that if you own or run a restaurant that provides take-out or delivery, you should think about a web-based ordering process. Here’s the reason why:

1. Increased Staff Efficiency

Think of all the time your staff invest in getting orders over the telephone and ensuring the order is accurate. While getting orders on the phone, there’s a higher probability of miscommunication, in turn, convincing staff to stay on the telephone for a longer time to make sure that they’ve got the right order before clinging up. Simply by utilizing a web-based ordering system, workers will invest much less time getting telephone orders and can devote more time actually making those orders for pick-up or delivery to the buyer. Yet another excellent advantage of web-based ordering is the capability for the consumer to pre-place big orders and set a particular pick-up or delivery time frame. This enables the restaurant staff time to appropriately prepare big orders earlier.

2. Order Reliability

Returning to the miscommunication that usually happens when getting orders over the telephone, web-based ordering methods enable the buyer to choose and transform their meal order just the way they enjoy it. This order will then be directed straight to a nearby restaurant printing device without any misconception or miscommunication. Having the ability to get an order directly from the printer to prepare will cut back on order inaccuracy and can save the restaurant from losing money and negative reviews.

3. Expand your Business

Often individuals don’t wish to be irritated with contacting and putting their take-out or delivery order over the telephone and go for a restaurant that offers a web-based ordering system or app alternatively. Comfort is key in terms of customer support. Offering a smooth and easy-to-use online ordering process can provide a much better experience for buyers, leading to a rise in sales.

4. Potential to Develop a Database

Whenever your buyers order with an online ordering system, this makes an opportunity for you to record information, just like an e-mail address, and utilize these records to develop databases. This data source can then be utilized to engage with your buyers and inspire them to come back through customer loyalty packages, e-mail marketing, mailing discount coupons, and much more. While getting orders over the telephone, you usually times only get their telephone number and delivery address, which often doesn’t enable you to reengage with the buyer after the purchase is done.

5. Highly effective Analytics 

As soon as you’ve developed your data source of buyers, after that, you can utilize statistics provided by web ordering systems to monitor the ordering styles of your buyers. This allows you to offer customized special offers to buyers according to the things they often order or how often they buy. It’s also possible to utilize this information to regulate, add, or remove food list items according to what your clients are ordering.

Using a web-based ordering system can bring countless advantages to your restaurant business. You might think about using your own or merging with a current online ordering application. Regardless of what you select, Star Micronics is there to assist you flawlessly integrate web-based ordering into your restaurant by offering cloud-based POS systems to assist that order to proceed right from the cloud to your restaurant, and then out the doorstep.