How to Boost your Restaurant Customer Base

There are different ways according to which people decide to manage their business. Some business people concentrate on what others might not deem so important. It is such decisions which distinguish some people from others and classifies them as imitators or provides others with unique qualities into their business.  

However, there are certain techniques which when applied correctly can certify a boost to your customer visit to your restaurant leading to more profits. 

3 Step to Success

1 – Online Review Engagement

It is a fact that technology has entered our lives in ways that it plays a very important role in our daily decision making. People have managed to communicate with the outside world through the internet and consult what they read on their daily lives. Since the online reviews are simply the comments other people make describing their experience they can affect our decisions in a positive or a negative way. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the reviews made about your restaurant business. Remind your customers to leave a review on their way out of your restaurant, hand them out your business card where your website will be displayed. You can even include a few other links where they could leave a review on their experience. Explain to them how important their comments can be and how much they can affect the future of your business. Thank them in the end showing a genuine gratitude so they can understand that your kind request is indeed very important.

2 – Treat your Customers as your Guests

Marketing, social media and loyalty programs can all help you to increase your profits but what if every customer who ate in your restaurant was a regular guest? 
Engage with your customers, shake their hand, thank them and give them a little appetiser or a glass of wine. 
It is not only the enjoyment of the food that a customer enjoys but you need to take the time and engage with them exchanging names.  Making your customers feel part of the family by engaging with them you can always make them come back. 

3 – Upselling to Existing Customers

Have you ever thought that your existing customers could increase your profits? How could you get them to do that? This is simply a matter of how you treat them, how engaged and how important you make them feel. This could increase the number of your customers and the amount of your profits by a respectful percentage. By bringing back your existing customers more often you can rest assured that the money they will spend for your service will increase. Learn what their names are, what their orders are and what they like to have. Calling your customers by their own names could be very sweet and it could make them feel great. When your customers walk in your restaurant and you as a host greet them as mr/mrs so and so, let them know that you will put them in their regular table or if it is not available, let them know that you will put them in a different table and serve them their regular drinks and appetisers. That could increase your business by a respectable percentage without costing you anything apart from the extra effort to please them.  
Following these simple techniques and making them a part of your daily routine should bring you the results you are aiming for when running your business. All it takes is concentration on your customers and their needs which when treated with the right respect can make a huge difference in your profits.