How to Improve Customer Service in your Restaurant

Some people could think that eating out is all about the food itself, the way it has been cooked and the taste it has. However, the people who decide to leave the comfort of their home and decide to eat at a restaurant are actually looking for a more diverse experience than just eating their food.  

It is the whole procedure that people go through, a process which starts from their home where they prepare themselves putting their favourite clothes on, getting in their cars (if they are going somewhere where they can’t make it on foot) and walk in the restaurant they decide to visit, to the way they are welcomed when entering a restaurant and they are placed to their table. The level of the engagement they get from the restaurant staff always contributes to their enforcement of their positive experience affecting whether they will return to the place or not.  

If you treat them with a sincere respect you can contribute in creating a positive overall experience for them and they will make sure to remember you, praise you and always come back to support your business. 

Technique 1 

Make sure your staff put in the extra effort needed in order for their service to be considered as a special one. Choose staff that do care about their customers and they know how to show their caring to them. Observe how your staff treat your customers and pay attention to whether they make eye contact with them, smile and greet them. Also, don’t forget to time them and see how exact they are when serving your customers.  

Technique 2 

Staff members should develop a strong consideration feeling and always keep in mind that they are a part of a professional group which requires them to act in certain professional ways. To make it more specific, even though they should be friendly with their customers they should never forget to keep a professional distance which will certify that they don’t become overly familiar with people visiting your restaurant. Also, it would be advisable to talk to your staff about special cases that they might have to face and prepare them about the ways you would expect them to react when they arise. Such cases could be a single problem or a mere complaint. For example, a meal was delayed when served or it was not cooked as ordered. Talk to your staff beforehand and explain how you would expect them to react.  

Technique 3 

Serving customers in a restaurant involves an interpersonal communication which you, as an owner or a boss should observe when it takes place between your staff members and your customers. By observing how the interaction takes place you might be able to recognise new areas of improvement that should be discussed with your staff. It is a fact that the staff members who are appreciated will listen and will try to change and improve themselves in order to benefit the business. Therefore, a positive reinforcement should be given concentrating on the positive side of the work they do and work on the ways it could be furthermore improved.

Finally, any negative side should not be omitted but you need to be careful on how you address such points. Your employees would prefer to see you making it clear that they belong to your team and you want to see them improving themselves than just seeing you as the strict boss who walks around criticizing staff.