Restaurant Basic Online Marketing

If we look back some years ago we will realize that the internet was still an unknown notion. It is amazing to think of how it has evolved though and what impact it has made in the existing business world. Owning a restaurant without being able to make it present in the online world would be considered a very inappropriate attitude nowadays since the great majority of the Western world are active users of the facilities the internet has to offer when it comes to advertising a business. If you are a novice and you don’t know where to start you should think about the following:  

Create a website

Creating your restaurant website is a basic online marketing tool. Your website should include your basic information like your location, your phone number and your menu along with an order bar. You can add anything else that you might think you should include but try not to overdo it since the less it has the more user-friendly it becomes.  

Manage Social media

If you are not familiar with Social Media yourself or you simply don’t have the time to develop your own social media strategy you should employ a social media manager who can create your accounts and manage them in ways to increase your online presence. Even though Facebook appears to be the most popular social medium there are others whose importance should not be neglected. For example, Twitter, Linkedin, or Pinterest could all help you get known to more people and make them your customers.

Follow your online reviews

Creating and maintaining a strong profile on review sites can prove to be very influential. Reading people’s reviews one can certainly get influenced to the negative or positive. And it is not only that someone might read a review about your business by chance but people tend to advise the reviews they read since they are strong indicators of a restaurant’s value. There are sites like Google for Business or Yelp that you should be aiming at when exposing your business to since these are the most popular ones with a huge numbers of followers and business participants. 

Pay-per-Click Advertisement

Google and Bing offer a smart way for businesses to get advertised. When customers click on your ad they are redirected to your website. It is only then that you get charged which makes for a monitored way of advertising. Furthermore, you can purchase your own space based on key words. For example, if you own a takeaway you can buy space for fish and chips in your town or Indian food in your area.

Approach local media

More traditional ways of advertising like newspapers or magazines are surely not to be omitted in your effort to advertise your business. However, these media can now be contacted much faster from the comfort of your home. You can create your own ads and post them on the many local classified ads sections you can find online. Your advertisements could include any special deals that you might have or special recipes your business offers along with the basic information of your business as mentioned earlier. 

When following all of the above you can start developing your marketing strategy into greater depth and even ask for more professional help. The results will soon be visible when it comes to the revenue your restaurant or takeaway generates and the profits there are for you to enjoy.