How to Eat Healthy when you Takeaway

Takeaways are known for their inability to provide people with healthy meals. They are mostly known as a fast tasty solution that is usually cheaper than a restaurant meal. However, buying a takeaway can result to an excess in fat or salt leading to other health complications like diabetes or heart disease. It is advisable you check the calories which some fast-food shops list nowadays where health issues are brought to people’s attention more often.

What other ways are there to help you make a wiser decision when it comes to unhealthy fast food? Here are some more specific examples you can always keep in mind when buying a takeaway.

Burgers and kebab

It is true that a shish kebab would be a preferable choice when it comes to meat instead of a doner kebab. That is because shish kebab is usually grilled which makes for less fat when served. Similarly, you should prefer a grilled portion of fish which would again be healthier.

As a general rule to remember, you should be avoiding high-fat by-products like sauces or extra cheese. For example, if you are buying a burger you should ask for extra salad instead of extra cheese or fatty mayonnaise.


The avoidance of saturated fat should be your priority when it comes to pizza. Therefore, fish should be preferred over pepperoni and vegetables over cheese. Similarly, sauces made of tomato would be a healthier choice than creamy ones and a thin base than a cheese-stuffed crust.

Fish and chips

‘Fish and chips is a popular takeaway option which can be unhealthy. However, there are ways to make this choice a healthier one. This can be achieved when peas or beans are added to your menu and sausages are avoided. Also, you should always prefer thick chips to thin-cut ones since the latter contains more fat. Try not to answer yes when asked about salt. The less salt you add to your chips, the healthier they will always be.

Indian takeaway

When it comes to Indian food the same approach applies. Therefore, creamy recipes or deep fried ones should be avoided and replaced with tomato-based sauces. Examples of such sauces would be Tandori or Chapatti. In addition, the more vegetables you add to your choice the healthier it is going to be. For example, chicken or prawns with rice and vegetables should be preferred over a creamy Korma, Masala or Pakora.


Oriental food is famous for its taste which very often comes from an unhealthy style of cooking. Crispy starters like spring rolls are high in fat quantities as they are deep-fried when cooked. Similarly, sour or sweet pork are battered which means that they contain large quantities of fat. Again, try to choose a starter or a main meal that is high in vegetables like steamed fish, steamed rice and steamed vegetables.

It looks like if you know how to make the right combinations of food, fast-food can still be an option that won’t be so harmful after all.