Direct Online Orders

Receive online orders from customers directly. No 3rd party involvement ensuring every customer order is received quickly and securely.

Postcode Delivery

Set delivery areas based on postcodes and have separate charges depending on delivery destinations.

Secure Payments

If enabled, orders can be paid for online either through PayPal or your own credit card providers online gateway.

Order Tracking

Purpose built software allowing you to manage orders as well as update customers on the status of their order.

Customer Database

Your own database of online customers with the ability to add to it yourself and send email and sms notifications.

Advanced Ordering

Allow customers to place online orders in advance, either for later that day or later in the week.

Pause Ordering

Pause orders for collection, delivery or both when you're especially busy.

Menu Availability

Set availability options for menu items for particular times of the day, days of the week or both.

Prep and Winding Down

Set food preparations times ensuring orders can be met as well as winding down limits preventing orders being created too close to closing time.


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